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This version has been in existence for over 20 years in total although not in its current format, this is an ongoing long term project and is therefore constantly being revised.

The main 'brain' of this first version was a veroboarded Z80 8K computer which powers various onboard circuits including speech which uses an SP0256 speech system. It provides self contained computer control, or, alternativley, an on board video camera which enables a remote operator to drive him via a 172 MHZ telemetry link, using a 6402 UART, and a commercial 2.4GHZ microwave video transmission system using a joystick and video monitor. This'vision' system also has a stereo hearing capability with twin electret microphones being used as ears!

Power is in the form of a 15Ah 12V sealed lead acid battery which powers all of BORIS'S systems including the motors to drive him. The motors are manfucatured by a firm called Klaxon and originally would have been used to power an electric wheelchair, the plastic ABS wheels with rubber tyres are from a local hardware store and are sited to the rear of the chassis with front mobility being obtained through a castor wheel.

The ability of speech means that BORIS can tell you when he has hit something, when he is stuck somewhere and should you forget to recharge him - he will ask for you to "help me....I am dying"!

Boris upgrade

BORIS has is currently undergoing a major upgrade:

January 2008 upgrade

BORIS during various phases of his development

Inside of an early version of BORIS
This version transmitted B/W video at around 600MHZ (standard TV) using a low cost tv repeater, the perfomance of the video link was poor...
The original Z80 based CPU
The Old CPU board
The old power board
The old power board
The new power board
The new power board
The UART board
A close up of the UART board
The new CPU under development
The new CPU under development
Inside Boris - click  to see a larger image
Inside a current version of Boris



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