Furcot chess computer

George has recently built a chess computer based on the ATmega88 processor using the software from the project described in the September 2009 edition of Elector Electronics (with due credit to Wolfgang Rudolph and Andre Adrian).

The Elector design uses a prototyping board, incorporating a module containing a flatpack version of the ATmega88 that includes the crystal etc...So I thought I would veroboard it, as a quick look around the net showed that the ATmega88 was available in a DIL version, so a quick order to Mouser Electronics in the US and a couple of these devices were on their way, along with a quick order to Elector for the two wire LCD interface and display.

It was fairly easy to transpose the pin connections from the flatpack version of the device to the DIL one, some old keys that I once bought from Richards Electronics about 30 years ago (this supplier retired about 20 years ago!) - thinking they were cheap and I would use them one day, and a crystal, regulator etc from the junkbox, and I soon had the device constructed.

I then built a very simple Parallel port programmer for the AVR - (that actually has no active components at all if you don't count the LED) and downloaded a program to flash the device. Had some fun and games as I am more familiar with PIC devices, but eventually flashed the software and the various fuses correctly.



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