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Both George & Jenny hold amateur radio licences, although George will be heard on the airwaves more often than Jenny and he doesn't get on too much!

Most of George's operating is done at home and whilst he may not be heard that often he is often listening particularly around the HF bands. Since the change in the licencing regulations he can often be heard operating on HF and has even become interested in morse code! Jenny on the other hand tends to operate mobile most the time and hasn't got the hang of morse for anything other than her SMS message on her phone.

Radio Projects

Electronics has been George's hobby since he was very small and spent his time playing with batteries and bulbs and attaching them to a tricycle. At this age all projects were held together with sellotape and plasticine, then having reached the grand old age of 7 his parents relented and got him a soldering iron!

Having started with 2 OC71 transistors to make a lighthouse with flashing lamps he now spend much of his hobby time persuing robotics of one kind or another.

Lately George has become particularly interested in Nixie tubes and having persuaded Jenny to spend a little money on a well known auction site for some nixie tubes he started with a clock. Having completed one and it now having pride of place in the lounge he has started on another....

Electronic Projects


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