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Furbot is the newest robot that George has been working on.

It is basically an insectbot as it is really a 6 legged walking robot.

Furbot got its name because Furcot's in the series of books by Alan Dean Foster are 6 legged.

A Walking Furcot?

A newest member of the brethren has recently been constructed, a six legged walking robot.

This has been inspired by the book on walking robot technology I picked up about a while ago at a local bookstore. They have hit upon the idea of using radio control servo's - controlled by a micro controller (Arizona microchip's 16F84 makes another appearance here) to provide the movement - the precision gearboxes and feedback arrangements within the servo's being a very cost effective method of achieving this

The legs and linkages are constructed from some aluminium strip and tube, and a number of nuts and bolts.

A PP3 and 4AA batteries provide the power, the AA cells for the servo's and the PP3 feeding a 78L05 regulator chip to power the micro controller.

No collision detection system has yet been developed, and the programming is so far limited to simple walking around, however A Devantech SRF04 ultrasonic rangefinder is fitted as eyes on the front, the rangefinder values being read by the PIC.

Furbot from the front
Furbot's main board once completed
Furbot from overhead



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