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What is a Furcot?

Furcot's appear in several books by Alan Dean Foster.

The original book they appeared in was Midworld published in 1975.

Midworld is a green planet of stratisfied rainforest 3/4mile high with seven distinct levels. Humans live on level 3 and are all accompanied by a furcot.

Furcot's are green and furry and have 6 arms/legs and accompany their human for life.

The Midworld series was expanded in 1995 with Mid-Flynx.

Both are well worth a read!


So why Furcot for the website?

Well many years ago George played around with CB and his handle was Furcot.

When he was first asked to choose a name for his isp all the ones he & Jenny had agreed on were already taken so he chose Furcot and the name has stuck, even the house name follows on the furcot theme!


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