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Gloucester born, my family returned from Rickmansworth, London when I was about 13.

Having not enjoyed school much I left as soon as possible and in 1980 started work.

When I am not out earning a living I prefer to hide away in our converted loft and play with electronics, robotics and a bit of amateur radio.

Electronics has been my hobby since I was very small and spent my time playing with batteries and bulbs and attaching them to a tricycle. At this age all projects were held together with sellotape and plasticine, then having reached the grand old age of 7 my parents relented and got me a soldering iron!

Having started with 2 OC71 transistors to make a lighthouse with flashing lamps I now spend much of my hobby time persuing robotics of one kind or another.

Why not have a look at our hobbies page and see more about the range of robots I have built and continue to work on.

When not involved with the electronics & robotics, I try to get onto the HF bands with amateur radio and have installed a number of aerials around the property - most of which the neighbours have yet to notice!

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