In addition to the robotics, electronics & amateur radio we have a number of other hobbies. Jenny likes collecting various items, although George just calls most of it hoarding!

Science Ficton

Both of us enjoy Sci-Fi, whether it be books or movies. George particularly likes Alan Dean Foster books and it is from one of these series of books that includes reference to Furcot's. Jenny also enjoys more of the fantasy element of the Sci-Fi genre, particularly liking books bike Juliette Marillier and Calsial Moor and in the fiction line likes Clive Cussler.


Cross Stitch

In recent years Jenny has become interested in cross stitch, it started as a way of improving her hand eye co-ordination but she has since enjoyed working on a number of projects including pieces for her parent's 40th wedding anniversary. She enjoys making cards relevant to the person they are being sent to. A couple of larger projects including a family tree seem to be always ongoing!



Pigs, piglets, anything to do with pigs (other than having a real one - as George put his foot down!) will be found in our house. In particular Jenny has a range of Piggins ( but she will basically buy pretty much anything connected to pigs.



Jenny is particularly interested in the Whimsical Wades that have been produced by Wade Ceramics since the mid 1950's ( Having started collecting these as a child, Jenny rediscovered them in a box after a house move (George was too slow in unpacking!) and has a renewed interest in them, particularly the early or unusal pieces.


Christmas Lights

What started as an electronics project between us & some friends about building a set of Christmas lights for your front window has grown over the years. We now end up spending at least a day putting the lights up and another day packing them all away again! A number of the local children will wander by to see them, even though we are in a cul-de-sac, but the happiest face has to be Jenny's after a bad day at work to see the house lit up when we come home!



Probably the most important hobby is our friends! Whether they are comparing electronic or radio projects or we are meeting friends for a pint (or two!) in our local, where we can set the world to rights. Friends have introduced us to a number of new things including children and doglets, in particular 3 who enjoy dog agility and mini cheddars!


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