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Having joined a local insurance company shortly after leaving school I have worked in a number of areas of the business before settling into the IT role. Redundant from the end of 2007 I have spent some time temping before accepting a role in the civil service which starts in June 2008

I am hearing impaired and consequently wear 2 behind the hearing aids, I now have digital hearing aids courtesy of a 2 year NHS wait - the difference to analogues is amazing. To go from being unable to follow conversations in the pub to telling the others what has been said is great!

Most of my hobbies dont involve much in the way of exercise - except for a gentle wander to our local! - I am interested in genealogy, hence the sister site to this one at I have a bit of a hoarding tendancy - George would disagree and say I have a lot of hoarding tendancy - and collect a variety of things but mostly the collections consist of Pigs including the Piggin series and Wade products, in particular the whimsey ranges that they produced from the early 1950's onwards.

Ideally I would love a pig of my own but living in the city that's not highly pratical so I have to make do with the collections & George!

Part of my interest in genealogy came about after seeing a family tree for my mum's family and asking who was who, that combined with being adopted got me interested in family history. I am adopted and have always known that but in 1999 I made contact with my birth family & discovered a large extended family - which was a bit of shock to someone with one little brother & married to an only child!!

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