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Micro Boris

As you will have seen from elsewhere in this site, BORIS is the name of my main robot.

Micro-Boris came about due to the availability of Arizona Micro chips PIC16C84 chip, with its Flash program memory and the availability of a BASIC compiler which inspired me to build a small autonomous robot.

I used a L293D motor driver controller chip, some logic gates in a 7404 LS TTL chip to give entirely electronic motor control. 6 AAA cells form the power, which is regulated with a 78L05 chip to power the PIC. So far the programming is limited to reading values from two ORP12 light dependant resistors in an attempt to make an intelligent photovore (a robot that seeks light).

The chassis is constructed from the metal work that held the hard disk in a defunct PC with motors (with integral gearboxes) being obtained at a local radio rally. The front 'wheel' is simply a chrome dome used to cover screw holes on mirrors.

Micro Boris from above
Micro Boris's bottom



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